We Mind & Kelly Matters – Support after Suicide offers an extensive range of support from telephone, virtual video and face to face. We know that when someone dies by suicide, the ripples of trauma affect so many people, family, of course, but also friends, neighbours, colleagues and professionals. 

We are here to support you, so it does not matter when you were bereaved, where, how long since, or how you are connected to suicide, you can always access our support.   

Bereavement is a painful experience, and when loss occurs after a suicide, there are added complexities, unanswered questions and an array of overwhelming emotions…. it has been said to feel like grief, but with the volume turned right up.

This is a free service, so to access our support, you can complete the online referral form, or if you prefer to download it into word, complete it and email it back to us.

We understand the difficulties in finding great therapists and counsellors, and being able to access counselling when you need it.  Our service has been set up for anyone affected by suicide.  If you are looking for counselling but feel you dont meet this criteria, you can still contain us for support.  We may know of other chairites that have free funded counselling available.

Online Referral Form

Complete our online referral form