What do we mean by Mental Health ?

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing.  It affects how we think, feel and act.  Staying in positive mental health allows people to realise their full potential, cope with the pressures of life, work productively, have positive relationships and make good choices.

It is easy to become confused around the language used, often we hear, mental health issue, mental wellbeing, mental distress – with so many different terminologies and confusing language it does little to break down the stigma when it’s so hard to understand.  So, it is important to understand what we are talking about, so we can support effectively.

At We Mind & Kelly Matters, we really like this explanation by Dr. Stan Kutcher from Teen Mental Health, who helps to explain the different levels of no distress, mental distress, mental health problems and mental disorder/illness.  This short video gives a great explanation.(Mental Health Literacy Pyramid Explained)


What Is the Best Definition of Mental Health?

The individual’s capacity to successfully adapt to life circumstances and to develop the ability to do so in a manner appropriate to the individuals’ age and capabilities.  It does not mean the absence of negative emotional states.  Mental health is not the antithesis of a mental disorder and exists across all states of mental distress, mental health problems and mental disorders.   ~ Dr. Stan Kutcher