Suicide bereavement is different, there are characteristics with other bereavements, but it is complex, and can last longer than other bereavements.  Once referred to as “like grief”, but with the volume turned up. 

We understand that people bereaved by suicide need support at different times when it is right for them.  We Mind & Kelly Matters support people at any stage of bereavement, from the first few days after your loss or in the longer term – whenever you feel ready to access support.

We support anyone affected by suicide e.g. families and friends but also to those who have been exposed to suicide e.g. neighbours, schools, colleges, social groups, and healthcare professionals.

We Mind & Kelly Matters – Support after Suicide offers an extensive range of support from telephone, virtual online support and face to face.

We know that when someone dies by suicide, the ripples of trauma affect so many people, family, of course, but also friends, neighbours, colleagues and professionals. People struggle to make sense of what has happened, in the first wave there are organisational decisions to be made at a time when numbness and overwhelming emotions rule. We are here to offer immediate relief.  You can self-refer (referral form), or others can pass on your details with your consent.

Compassionate support for people bereaved by suicide.

If you would like to join our peer led supoort group please visit the SOBS page.

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Get in touch as soon as you are ready, we will assess your needs and help plan a way forward

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Free counselling by qualified counsellors for individuals and families

Group Support

We Mind & Kelly Matters supports and funds the Northamptonshire SOBS Support Group