The Kelly’s Heroes team are excited to announce that we will shortly be launching our own podcast. In an era where open conversations about mental health are becoming increasingly crucial, our brand-new podcast emerges as a beacon of support and understanding. “Unspoken” is our new mental health and suicide bereavement charity podcast, which aims to shed light on these often-stigmatised topics while providing a platform for healing and connection.

Hosted by the Kelly’s Heroes team, each episode will delve into the complexities of mental health struggles and the unique challenges faced by those affected by suicide loss. The podcast combines personal stories, professional insights, and practical advice to create a supportive space for listeners navigating these sensitive issues.

The podcast not only seeks to destigmatise mental health discussions but also address the aftermath of suicide, a topic often shrouded in silence. By featuring guests who have experienced suicide bereavement firsthand, the podcast will provide a raw and empathetic exploration of the emotions, questions, and coping mechanisms that accompany such a profound loss.

Listeners are encouraged to share their own stories and questions, creating an interactive dialogue that extends beyond the podcast episodes. This community-driven approach emphasises the importance of solidarity in facing mental health challenges and bereavement.

The podcast will also collaborate with mental health professionals, psychologists, and grief counsellors to offer evidence-based insights and practical strategies for coping with mental health struggles and the aftermath of suicide. By combining lived experiences with expert advice, the podcast seeks to provide a well-rounded perspective on the complex landscape of mental health and bereavement.

In a world that often struggles to address mental health openly, “Unspoken” emerges as a powerful force for change. By sharing stories, insights, and resources, the hope is that the podcast becomes a virtual sanctuary for those seeking understanding, connection, and ultimately, hope in the face of mental health struggles and suicide bereavement.

If you would like to take part, please email to register your interest.